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The Tucker Valve Seat standard material is a superior alloy, highly recommended for all critical applications such as LP, Gas, Diesel, Natural Gas, Unleaded Fuels, in both turbo and supercharged engines.

All T-Series valve seats are available in oversizes and most T Series valve seats are stocked in standard oversizes such as +.005, +.010, +.015, +.020, +.030 at no additional cost.

Tucker Valve Seat Company will custom make valve seats to your size specifications if possible. When ordering special valve seat inserts, please state the following dimensions:

Inside Diameter + Outside Diameter + Depth + Seat Angle

Tucker Valve Seats

Made in the U.S.A.

  • Individually cast – maximum strength, minimum distortion
  • High quality tungsten alloy – exceptional performance at high temperatures
  • Secure fit – precise sizing, similar expansion to cast iron, will not come loose
  • Works with all fuels – anti-pollution gasolines, alcohol, diesel, L.P. , gas , natural gas
  • Work hardens during run-in – Hardens to 50 Rc , tougher than the competition
  • Most applications in stock – automotive, light and heavy industrial, marine …
  • Oversizes available – .005 to .030 and larger
  • Special orders welcome – many are filled and shipped the same day.

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